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In Islamic finance, compliance with Shariah requirements is a prerequisite for ensuring the legitimacy of Islamic financial products and services. Therefore, in this month’s epicentre, the MIFC Team produced an infographic on Shariah-based Contract Regulatory Framework which highlights various underlying principles of Shariah contracts for your reference and understanding. Apart from the usual round-up of exciting news in the world of Islamic finance, the newsletter also features annual reports of Malaysian financial regulators including Bank Negara Malaysia that reported positive growth of Malaysia's Islamic finance in 2018 and Securities Commission Malaysia highlighted that Malaysia remained as a global leader in the Islamic capital market.

The MIFC Team
Shariah-based Contract Regulatory Framework
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Islamic finance charts positive growth in 2018

Bank Negara Malaysia's 2018 Financial Stability and Payment Systems Report highlighted that Malaysia's Islamic finance sector continued to chart positive growth in 2018, with Shariah-compliant financing from Islamic banks growing by 10.5% to account for a higher share of 36.6% of total banking sector financing. 
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Malaysia remained a global leader in the Islamic capital market 

Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), in its Annual Report 2018 indicated that Malaysia remained a global leader in the Islamic capital market (ICM) with RM1.9 trillion in Shariah-compliant equities and sukuk outstanding. Malaysia also continued to be the world’s largest sukuk market.
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Islamic banking business continued to grow

The Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) reported that Islamic banking sector posted a 2.4% growth in assets from the expansion of total financing in its Market Report 2018.
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Islamic banks still anchoring growth of Malaysian banking sector

RAM Ratings’ Islamic Banking Insight, reveals that Islamic financing is still anchoring the growth of the overall Malaysian banking sector. Islamic banking continued to expand at a much faster pace than conventional loans in 2018, coming in at 11.0% (2017: 10.3%), in contrast to the latter’s 3.3% growth. As at end-January 2019, Islamic financing comprised some 32% of the overall system’s loans. 

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Strengthening Shariah Compliance Risk Culture 

The effective management of Shariah non-compliance risk is paramount, especially with the growing significance of Islamic finance as a key component of the financial system.
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Journey on Sustainable Path 

The International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (“INCEIF”) constantly engages with its stakeholders to continuously contribute to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
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Malaysian takaful: Resilient growth amid evolving operating landscape

RAM Ratings has a stable outlook on the Malaysian takaful industry for 2019. With the progressive impact of tariff liberalisation and moderating economic growth, general takaful contributions are expected to expand at a slower 6% - 7% pace.
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Domestic asset management industry key to Malaysia’s dominance in Islamic finance

Malaysia’s Islamic asset management industry has played a complementary role in the globalization of the country’s Islamic finance industry
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Other News
  1. Dana Gas repurchases USD133 million sukuk
  2. Saudi Arabia extends domestic debt curve with new sukuk issue
  3. HDC signs MoU with Korean agency to enhance halal bilateral trade, investment
  4. Qatar Launches World's Largest Energy Bank with USD10 billion Capital
  5. Russia’s Sberbank eyes Islamic banking opportunities
  6. Indonesia raises USD1.49 billlon rupiah from retail sukuk - govt
  7. Islamic insurance could benefit from Shariah standardization
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