MIFC Epicentre May 2015 /  Rejab 1436H
As the global sukuk market is closely tied to sentiment in the global economic and financial sector and, as most sukuk issuing countries are among the world’s leading oil producers, the decline in oil prices has been a notable factor effecting the sukuk market. Concerns on exchange rate volatility in emerging markets has been another key market driver in 1Q2015. However, this decline in sukuk issuances is likely to be temporary, as economies adjust to lower oil prices, and sukuk is expected to maintain its status as a viable and competitive source of funding.
Maybank Islamic Asset Management launches Islamic equity fund
Maybank Islamic Asset Management launched the Islamic equity fund under ASEAN passport framework in the country. Known as the Maybank Bosera Greater China ASEAN Equity-I Fund, it aims to tap into the huge potential in the equity markets within the Greater China and ASEAN regions.
INCEIF-MIFC Business Forum, 19th May 2015, Almaty, Kazakhstan
INCEIF-MIFC Business Forum in conjunction with the 12th IFSB Summit will take place on 19th May 2015, from 11.00am to 1.00pm at Rixos Hotel, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Themed “Internationalisation of Islamic Finance”, this event brings together panelists from various international organisations to discuss on Islamic finance as an alternative financing solution and provide valuable insights on how Islamic finance can support the funding gaps in the region.
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