MIFC Epicentre April 2014 / Jamadilakhir 1435H
Islamic finance is set to record new achievements in Europe this year, with sovereign sukuk issues planned in the United Kingdom and Luxembourg. The two issues are expected to raise over USD600mln in proceeds, and signal the respective ambitions of the two jurisdictions to become hubs in Islamic finance. Similar developments have taken place recently in France and Germany, while Ireland and Italy could also be entering the field of play, demonstrating the rise in interest for Islamic finance across Europe.
Other Highlights:
HKMA-BNM Joint Conference on Islamic Finance
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) jointly organised an Islamic finance conference in Hong Kong to raise the level of interest and appreciation on sukuk as a viable financing and investment instrument amongst business and financial community from Hong Kong and China.
HKMA-BNM Joint Conference on Islamic Finance Joint Opening Remarks by Dato' Muhammad Ibrahim, Deputy Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
This inaugural conference is set to mark a significant step to enhance collaboration and deepen financial linkages in Islamic finance between Malaysia and Hong Kong. The theme "Sukuk as a Viable Fund-Raising and Investment Instrument" is most apt, given that the ethical-based fixed income instrument has increasingly gained recognition by the global financial community as an attractive source of funding for real sectors and long-term development.
IBFIM Online: The Online Learning for Islamic Finance Industry Certifications in Malaysia
IBFIM has launched its maiden venture into online education called IBFIM online. The program is designed to implement a unified learning channel designed in transforming its current learning programs to an exciting e-learning platform.
Dubai-Based Gulf Bond and Sukuk Association Accepts RAM Ratings
RAM Ratings has recently been accepted as an associate member of the Dubai-based Gulf Bond and Sukuk Association (GBSA). GBSA is the organisation that speaks for the GCC region's bond industry, sets standards and strengthens the region's voice in the global arena.
Business Forum: Islamic Finance and African Infrastructure Development
Bank Negara Malaysia is organising a Business Forum in conjunction with the 11th IFSB Summit 2014. This Business Forum will take place on the 20th May 2014, from 11.00am to 2.00pm at Le Meridien Lle Maurice, Mauritius. Themed "Islamic Finance and African Infrastructure Development", this event brings together panelists from various region and business sector to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the African infrastructure development, and provide valuable insights on how Islamic finance as an alternative financing can support the funding gaps in the region.

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