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05 Aug | Monday
ADIB and ENDP Partner to Boost Career Opportunities for UAE Nationals

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Emirates National Development Programme (ENDP) to train and offer employment opportunities to UAE nationals interested in joining the Islamic banking industry. Under the terms of this MoU, ADIB will advise ENDP of available vacancies as well as the skills needed for employment within the bank, and ENDP will identify UAE nationals eligible for these opportunities. The partnership will also see ADIB offer a range of training courses for eligible candidates, said a media statement.

The MoU was signed by Waheeb Khazraji, Head of Human Resources at ADIB, and Essa Al-Mulla, Executive Director of ENDP,in the presence of senior executives from both parties.

Waheeb Khazraji, Head of Human Resources at ADIB, said, “As a leading local bank, ADIBhas an obligation to help the UAE’s growing talent pool find employment opportunities that best leverage their skills and talents. Our partnership with ENPD helps us to achieve this. Specifically, it willcontribute to the growing number of nationals enteringthe banking sector, and will help us meet our future expansion plans which includeemploying UAE nationals at all levels.”

Essa Al-Mulla, Executive Director of ENDP, said, "We are pleased to sign this agreement with ADIB. The programme has succeeded in attractingmany UAE nationals into the banking sector, and more generally helps to change theperceptions among young Emiratis about working in the private sector, especially because of the variety of careers it offers to them and the opportunities for them to reach senior managerial positions.”

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