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05 Jul | Friday
The Bahrain Journalists Association Launches Takaful Fund

The Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) has launched the Journalists' Takaful Fund aimed to offer financial assistance to Bahraini and non-Bahraini members of the BJA in cases of illness, sacking, resignation, marrying, etc. in addition to loans without interest.

The BJA has injected an initial sum of BD 3000 into the BJA Takaful Fund. The BJA members - Bahraini or non-Bahrain - are required to pay up a monthly subscription amount of BD 5 per month (BD 60 per annum).

In case a member wishes to withdraw, he/she can refund two-thirds of his/her paid subscriptions.

BJA Board of Directors member Ehab Ahmed who supervises the BJA Takaful Fund said that the total number of BJA members has now reached 400 members, adding that interested journalists may subscribe into the Fund in order to benefit from the assistance within 21 days from the date of subscribing.  

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