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02 Oct | Wednesday
Deputy Governor's Welcoming Remarks at the Islamic Finance Rendezvous Series "Islamic Finance and Halal Industry - Opportunity, Impact, Synergy"

Malaysia has the necessary ingredients to seize the opportunity. Infrastructure for halal business is comprehensive. The halal certification programme by JAKIM is internationally-recognised and well-sought after. Malaysia also has a mature domestic Islamic financial system that stands ready to respond to the evolving and growing needs of businesses. This is evidenced by Malaysia reigning the Thomson Reuters Global Islamic Economy Indicator Index (GIEI) for five consecutive years.
The global numbers are exciting. The prospects are great. But, Malaysia remains a small player in the halal trade internationally. As at Q4 2018, halal exports amounted to RM40.0 billion or only 4 percent of total Malaysian exports, of which halal exports by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for a mere 8.4 percent[2]. 
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source: Bank Negara Malaysia
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