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null ZI Labuan Trust Company Limited

ZI Labuan Trust Company Limited

ZI Labuan Trust Company Limited Logo

ZI Labuan Trust Company Limited (ZILTCO) commenced business in 1996 (initially in the form of ZI Labuan Trust Company Sdn Bhd) and has since become an established trust company in Labuan which provides a full range of comprehensive and professional services as well as secretarial functions within Labuan IBFC’s perspective.

ZILTCO’s comprehensive range of services is further strengthened by its affiliation with the largest law firm in Malaysia, Zaid Ibrahim & Co. If necessary, the law firm’s nation-wide resources can be conveniently accessed to provide appropriate legal advice to ZILTCO’s clients.

ZILTCO also shares close collaboration with another affiliate company namely ZI Corporate Services, which provides domestic secretarial services to numerous clients.

ZILTCO has rendered its assistance to many Malaysian and foreign clients in establishing and maintaining their Labuan entities including applying for various licences issued by the Labuan FSA such as banks/investment banks, insurance, leasing, factoring, fund management etc as well as issuance of the various private funds, bonds and sukuk (Islamic bond).

Area of Services

  • Labuan Entity Formation
    • Establishment and management of all Labuan entities including Labuan companies, protected cell companies, and limited liability partnerships.
    • Redomicilliation services.
  • Secretarial, Trustee And Nominee Services
    • Resident secretary, registered office, nominee director and shareholder, tax and accounting services.
    • Trustee and administrator services, formation of mutual funds.
    • Trustee for conventional bonds and sukuk issues.
  • Labuan Trusts, Labuan Foundations & Licence Applications For Financial Activities
    • Trusts and foundations including the Labuan Special Trusts, Islamic trusts and Islamic foundations.
    • Licence applications for all Labuan financial activities (including captive insurance).

Contact details

ZI Labuan Trust Company Limited
Unit Level 13 (A), Main Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan Complex,
Jalan Merdeka,
87000 Labuan F.T. , Malaysia

Azizan Mohd Som
Chief Executive Officer
+6087 451 688

Effendi Bin Othman
Trust Officer
+6087 451 688