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Takaful Malaysia

Malaysia’s first Takaful operator, Takaful Malaysia is the industry leader, shaping the industry with creative innovations and setting standards that have become industry benchmarks. Takaful Malaysia was incorporated on the 29th of November 1984 with an authorized capital of RM500 and a paid-up capital of RM162 million.

Takaful Malaysia provides two types of Takaful businesses namely Family and General Takaful. The company has 27 service centres nationwide with total assets of RM6.9 billion at group level and was listed on the Main Board of the Malaysian Stock Exchange on 30 July 1996.

As the first Islamic insurer in Malaysia, Takaful Malaysia has a long history of providing the best insurance solutions and pioneering innovations particularly the 15% Cash Back privilege for making no claims during the period of coverage. This year Takaful Malaysia is proud to celebrate its 30 years of growth and strength.