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MAHA Shariah Advisory

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MAHA Shariah Advisory Sdn Bhd, an independent Shariah advisory firm was incorporated in 2014, aspiring from a group of professionals from a diverse range of background (legal, Shariah and Islamic banking industry) who are committed in pursuing great intention in leading, collaborating, and synergizing expertise in serving the Ummah around the globe.

MAHA Shariah provides consultancy, training & professional services in the area of Islamic Wealth Management (IWM), Zakat, Waqf, & Sadaqah Management, Islamic Banking & Finance, as well as Halal Management. The firm’s team members consist of those who are qualified and well-versed in those areas.

As an associate company of a legal firm, Messrs. Mu’az Aiman Halem Auzan & Associates, MAHA Shariah has legal support from its legal arm, thus encapsulating our Shariah advice with practical legal knowledge and insight gained from having worked on local and cross-border transactions.

In achieving the firm’s strategic goals and fulfilling its mission, the firm embraces team members with these core values: client-oriented, excellent services, Shariah compliant and technologically-driven.

Area of Services

  • Islamic Banking, Finance & Takaful Advisory
  • Islamic Wealth Management
  • Halal Management (including Training, Audit & Assurance System and Certification Consultancy)
  • Shariah Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Training & Development



  • Acted as Shariah advisor for an international Waqf establishments domiciled in Labuan

Contact details

MAHA Shariah Advisory Sdn Bhd
Pinggiran Mutiara Utama MG Point
Taman Mutiara Gombak 2
53100 Gombak
Kuala Lumpur

Ahmad Mu’az bin Mohd Nawawi
T +6019 695 1350

Muhammad Aiman bin Mohamad Salmi
T +6012 280 3120