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null IBFIM, MOFA joint effort in boosting the Islamic finance talent

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IBFIM, MOFA joint effort in boosting the Islamic finance talent

14 Jun 2021 | Monday source: IBFIM

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia (MOFA) and Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM) are collaborating in organising the Associate Qualification in Islamic Finance (AQIF) programme from 14 – 18 June 2021 under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) initiative.

AQIF is one of IBFIM’s flagship certification that has been assesed and selected by MOFA as Malaysia’s value proposition to countries which are keen to develop skills and competencies of their talent in Islamic finance industry. The AQIF programme, which will be conducted virtually on IBFIM Global Classroom platform, aims at providing a progressive and structured life-long learning framework for professionals in Islamic finance industry.

“We are very pleased to be mandated by MOFA to organise the AQIF programme under the MTCP initiative and are looking forward to welcoming delegates from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Philippines and Brunei Darussalam. In line with our objective as a lifelong learning institution, we are indeed honoured to be given the opportunity to share Malaysia’s knowledge and expertise in Islamic finance across different jurisdictions” said IBFIM’s Chief Executive Officer, Yusry Yusoff.

“The collaboration between MOFA and IBFIM is also part of the effort to support the national agenda to position Malaysia as an international hub for education in Islamic banking and finance under the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2015–2025.,” added Yusry.

Since its inception in 2011, AQIF has produced 3,451 certificate holders.

“It is heartening to see the number of AQIF holders growing over the years, in Malaysia as well as outside the country. This is one of IBFIM’s initiative to ensure the availability of a steady stream with competent and versatile talent to support greater innovation and dynamism of the Islamic finance industry, locally and globally” he concluded.

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IBFIM is a lifelong learning institution that specialises in industry technical certifications. The certifications are designed to ensure attainment of technical proficiency levels to fulfil jobs requirement and support professionalisation of the industry. IBFIM key programmes are developed based on IBFIM Qualifications Framework and are accorded Full Accreditation by the Finance Accreditation Agency to maintain the quality and provide a progressive career route for the certificate holders.

IBFIM learning modules are customisable to fulfil the specific needs of the clients within the Islamic financial institutions specifically as well as other sectors engaging in Islamic finance.

IBFIM also offer joint-programmes with relevant industry professional bodies and collaborate with academic institutions in its effort to prepare talent for the industry. IBFIM programmes are delivered via classroom and online learning.

IBFIM’s Islamic finance publications and advisory services are also available in supporting the industry’s talent development initiative.

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