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null ETHIS Malaysia & Sapura Bluedome to spur Malaysia's Shariah-focused entrepreneurship


ETHIS Malaysia & Sapura Bluedome to spur Malaysia's Shariah-focused entrepreneurship

18 Apr 2023 | Tuesday Source: Zawya

ETHIS Malaysia, a prominent shariah-compliant equity crowdfunding platform that promotes ethical investment for startups and businesses, has joined forces with Bluedome Mines, a distinguished entrepreneurship hub under Sapura Resources Berhad, to fuel the growth of shariah focused startups and entrepreneurship in Malaysia. This strategic collaboration aims to provide a conducive environment and value-added services and offerings to emerging entrepreneurs, such as access to capital and mentorship, with the ultimate goal of empowering the next generation of ethical and shariah driven ventures.

Bluedome Mines offers a comprehensive suite of services, including co-working spaces, business mentoring, networking opportunities, and funding access, which serve as critical enablers for entrepreneurs to incubate their businesses from ideation to maturity. With ETHIS Malaysia's expertise in dealing with various grassroot impactful entrepreneurs ranging from various sectors as well as operating shariah-compliant equity crowdfunding, the partnership extends a larger proposition beyond financing option to entrepreneurs, to market access, capacity building opportunities as well as ancillary business value added services. Together, the partnership will synergize their strengths to create a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia.

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