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null EPICENTRE March 2022: Malaysia as a global gateway for Islamic finance markets in Asia and OIC


EPICENTRE March 2022: Malaysia as a global gateway for Islamic finance markets in Asia and OIC
FSBP2022-2026 unveils MIFC future vision and aspiration
Malaysia’s Financial Sector Blueprint 2022 - 2026 was recently launched and it sets out Bank Negara Malaysia's development priorities for the financial sector over the next five years. The Blueprint is anchored on efforts to foster market dynamism and support sustainable development objectives.

One of the thrusts of the Blueprint includes “Advance value-based finance through Islamic finance leadership”. Among others, the strategies for the next five years will seek to leverage Malaysia’s well developed Islamic finance ecosystem, particularly to sharpen Malaysia’s proposition as a global gateway for Islamic finance markets in Asia and OIC. 

In advancing the sharpened vision for MIFC, the strategies aim to:
  • Strengthen gateway-critical capabilities in Malaysia’s Islamic financial industry;
  • Promote greater industry leadership; and
  • Facilitate further deepening of Malaysia’s Islamic financial and capital markets.

Download the infographic below for more information on MIFC vision moving forward and its 5-year priorities.
The MIFC Team
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BNM launches Financial Sector Blueprint 2022 - 2026

The Financial Sector Blueprint 2022 – 2026, launched by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) outlines the vision and strategies for the development of the nation’s financial sector. The Blueprint is underpinned by three broad outcomes of finance for all, finance for transformation and finance for sustainability.
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BNM to license new digital players in takaful sector

BNM aims to license new digital takaful players that can leverage technologies to deliver value propositions on three fronts; inclusion, competition and efficiency.
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Islamic finance plugs gap for long-term sustainability, inclusive growth 

Islamic finance has a major role in plugging gap for long-term sustainability and inclusive growth as most seventeen SDGs are aligned with the objective of Shariah, making Islamic finance to naturally advance and spearhead sustainability goals.
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Sharp Takaful Growth in Malaysia, Pressure on Profitability

The Malaysian takaful industry’s sound contribution growth has been led by family takaful, rising by 46.7% in 1H21 (2020: 7.08%). General takaful grew by 13.5% in the same period (2020: 4.61%).
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Malaysia continues to dominate sukuk issuance market in 2021

Emerging Market (EM) sukuk issuances rose by nearly 8% to around USD160 billion in 2021 from USD149 billion in 2020, supported by increasing activity in the sovereign and corporate space, according to Moody’s Investors Service.
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Malaysia leads in SRI sukuk issuance among the ASEAN6

Malaysia leads in sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) sukuk issuance among the ASEAN6 countries, accounting for USD3.9 billion of issuance value or 56% of the total ASEAN SRI sukuk issuance, as of November 2021.
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Malaysia, Saudi Arabia remain pre-eminent Islamic fund domiciles worldwide

Assets under management (AUM) in Islamic mutual funds peaked at around US$130 billion at the end of the second quarter of 2021, before declining to about USD120 billion at the end of last year, according to Fitch Ratings.
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More than RM8 billion issued under SRI sukuk framework

A total of RM8.3 billion has been issued under the Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) sukuk framework since the introduction in 2014.
[Click here to view infographic on SRI initiatives]
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