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null EPICENTRE February 2021: Global sukuk hits new record; Malaysia remains as the lead


EPICENTRE February 2021: Global sukuk hits new record; Malaysia remains as the lead
Global sukuk hits new record; Malaysia remains as the lead

The global sukuk market hits a new record, with a total sukuk issuance of USD174.2 billion (2019: USD157.8), while the global sukuk outstanding stood at USD572.6 billion. Malaysia remains the leader in the global sukuk market for year 2020, commanding the largest market share of total global sukuk outstanding.

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2020 also saw Malaysia retaining its position as the most developed Islamic finance country in the world, according to the Islamic Finance Development Report 2020. Malaysia is also classified as a developed Islamic finance market by Fitch Ratings as the Islamic banking in the jurisdiction has achieved systemic importance and mainstream relevance.

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Sukuk Outlook 2021

Malaysia’s sukuk market issuances are expected to fall in 2021 as the uncertainty caused by the pandemic has led companies to be more cautious, according to RAM Rating Services. However, it is also foreseen by iFAST Capital that Bank Negara Malaysia to remain accommodative in its monetary policy and keep interest rates low in 2021, which would in turn encourages firms to tap the capital markets for fresh funds to pick up on the back of continuation of existing and new large infrastructure projects earmarked by the government.
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Malaysia's first digital sukuk

Sukuk Prihatin was launched as a call for national solidarity to support the Government’s recovery effort and each other by funding targeted economic relief measures. Funds raised will be used to enhance connectivity in rural schools, finance eligible micro enterprises and research grants for infectious diseases.
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Press Release

SC expands Green SRI Sukuk Grant Scheme

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) expanded its Green SRI Sukuk Grant Scheme to encourage more companies to finance green, social and sustainability projects through Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) sukuk and bonds issuance.
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Press Release

Malaysia leads the Islamic finance development globally

Malaysia remains as the most developed Islamic finance country in the world as it continues to further improve its overall Islamic finance system, according to the Islamic Finance Development Report 2020.
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Malaysia as developed Islamic finance market - Fitch Ratings

Fitch classified selected Islamic finance markets into 5 categories based on awareness and penetration level of Islamic finance. Malaysia is classified as a developed Islamic finance market whereby the Islamic banking in the jurisdiction has achieved systemic importance and mainstream relevance, especially at the sovereign level. 
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AIBIM leads the development of Malaysian Schedule for ISDA/IIFM Tahawwut Master Agreement

The Malaysian Schedule to the ISDA/IIFM Tahawwut Master Agreement (Malaysian Schedule) was developed, as an option for Islamic banks to partake in Islamic derivatives and hedging transactions through a framework agreement that is governed by Malaysian laws. 
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MDEC  and iPORTAL Live launch Global Knowledge Platform for Islamic Economy

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and iPORTAL Live launched a new Islamic Economy Knowledge Portal that will enhance ease-of-access to information and knowledge of the Islamic economy to users, as well as facilitate connection and encourage collaboration by industry users dispersed globally.
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Malaysia Islamic fintech 2020/2021

Malaysia’s robust regulatory environment, comprehensive Fintech landscape, supportive Islamic finance community and the government’s commitment to champion the Islamic economy, has already paved the way for Malaysia to be a global Islamic Fintech hub.
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Official Recognition for INCEIF Academic in Morocco

INCEIF's MSc in Islamic Finance degree received recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education Morocco which will add value to the postgraduate qualification and enhance its credibility internationally for INCEIF Moroccan graduates and future potential students from the Kingdom of Morocco. 
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AAOIFI standards now free online

The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) has made all its standards available for free online.
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ITFC launches LC confirmation facility

The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) launched its new standalone LC Confirmation instrument. The instrument is open to SMEs in IsDB member countries.
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