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null Can Sukuk match the growth trajectory of green bonds?


Can Sukuk match the growth trajectory of green bonds?

10 Jun 2021 | Thursday Source: The Financial Express

As the socially responsible investment movement in fixed income began to take off a decade ago, a great deal of ink was spilled on the similarity of green bonds and Sukuk. Both products are explicitly ethical and appeal to investors' social consciences over and above their desire for financial returns. The thesis at the time was that an ever-increasing number of investors would seek out these types of ethical investments, leading to a steep upward trajectory in demand for both green bonds and Sukuk.

To a certain extent, that thesis has played out. Between 2010 and 2020, annual issuance of green bonds increased from less than US$5 billion to more than US$270 billion. They have successfully transitioned from being a highly niche product to one that is has a role in the portfolios of major institutional investors across the globe. Green bonds became the product that mainstreamed socially responsible investing on the fixed income side of the capital markets.

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