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Juristic preferences, disregarding a ruling backed by a dalil (proof) and resort to another ruling that is sounder
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 wa'd Promise
2 Wa'd Promise Literally: informing someone that some good or harm will be done to them; it is usually used for a promise of good, while wa’id (warning) is used for a threat to inflict harm.
3 wa'd ghayr mulzim Non-binding promise
4 wa'd mulzim Binding promise
5 Wa'yun Implicit Promise Literally: promise.
6 Wad' To Remove or Lay Down Literally: to remove, lay down, throw down; also used for childbirth; wad’ al-dayn: to absolve someone of a debt; wad’ al-yad: literally: to lay one’s hand on; i.e., to seize or take possession of.
7 Wad' al-jawa'ih Contract Waiver Due to Calamity Literally: jawa’ih is the plural of ja’ihah: a calamity that destroys wealth; e.g., a drought or strife. Derived from jawh, to uproot.
8 Wadi'ah Sale at a Loss Literally: loss.
9 Wadi'ah (2) Bailment Literally: from wada’a: to leave something; awda’ahu malan means to leave property with someone so that it will be with him.
10 wadiah A safe keeping contract which is based on trust
11 wadiah yad dhamanah A guaranteed safe keeping contract
12 Wafa' Fulfilment Literally: completion; to fulfil one’s pledge; to adhere to a path of beneficence and safeguarding pledges to partners.
13 Waqf Endowment Literally: to retain or hold back.
14 Waqf al-'awarid Contingent Endowment Literally: ‘awarid are emergencies or unexpected events.
15 Waqf al-sabil Public Endowment n/a
16 Waqfiyyah List of Endowments n/a
17 Waqi'ah New Issue Literally: from waqa’a: to fall; a waqi’ah is a new event that befalls.
18 Wasf Attribute Literally: attribute.
19 Wasi Executor and Guardian Literally: related to wasiyyah: which originally means to link one thing with another. A wasi is one who is requested, entrusted or ordered to take care of something.
20 Wasiyyah Will or Bequest Literally: wasiyyah: to link one thing with another; to instruct or advise; a promise taken from someone to do something on behalf of the principal during his life or after his death; to assign wealth to another.
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010