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Word of the Day
Meticulous and comprehensive reading and understanding of an issue in order to derive Shariah rulings
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 'umum al-nahyi General prohibitions
2 'uqubah maliyyah Financial penalty
3 'uqud tauthiqat Plural of `aqd tauthiqiy
4 'urf al-iqtisadiyyah Common practice in economic activities
5 Udhr Excuse Literally: ‘udhr is the justification used as an excuse.
6 Uhdah Trusteeship Literally: it has several meanings: obligation, commitment, a covenant, an oath used to cement an undertaking between two parties, a security and guarantee.
7 ujrah Service fee
8 Umalah Wage Literally: ‘amal is work, vocation, and action and includes acts of the heart as well as those of the limbs.
9 Umulah Commission n/a
10 Umum al-balwa General Tribulation Literally: ‘umum is comprehensiveness; balwa (tribulation) is derived from ibtila’, a test or trial.
11 Uqud al-idh'an Adhesion Contracts Literally: idh’an means submission.
12 Uqud al-irfaq Contracts of benefiting Literally: irfaq: to benefit someone.
13 Uqud al-tamlikat Possession-Transfer Contracts n/a
14 Urbun Down Payment Literally: to pay in advance, to offer, and an advance payment that secures a sale.
15 Urf Custom Literally: ma’ruf means benevolence.