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Word of the Day
Juristic preferences, disregarding a ruling backed by a dalil (proof) and resort to another ruling that is sounder
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 Nadd liquidation Literally: to make manifest.
2 Nafadh al-'aqd Contract Validity Literally: nafadh means concluding something and being done with it.
3 Nafaqah Maintenance Literally: what a man spends on himself and his family. Its original meaning is “to take out”.
4 Najiz Immediately Effective Literally: from najaza: to pass away, expire; also: to be present.
5 Najsh False Bidding Literally: to conceal oneself; to incite.
6 Nama' Growth Literally: nama’: elevation and increase. tanmiyyah: to do things which promote growth of a thing or increase in its numbers.
7 Namudhaj Sample Literally: a small sample of a large amount; a model.
8 Naqs Diminution Literally: a diminished portion; the opposite of increase.
9 nas A clear injunction on explicit textual ruling from Quran or the Sunnah
10 Nasi'ah Deferred Literally: originally: to delay.
11 Naz' al-milkiyyah al-jabari Acquisition of Property by Force Literally: naza’a: to uproot or extract. jabr: force.
12 Nazahah Right Livelihood Literally: originally: great distance.
13 Nazarat al-awqaf Waqf Supervision Board Literally: nazara means to look. A related word is nazur: a guard.
14 Nazir al-waqf Waqf Custodian Literally: from nazara: to look at or contemplate.
15 Nisab The Minimum Amount of Wealth on Which Zakah Is Due Literally: The nisab of anything is its origin.