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Juristic preferences, disregarding a ruling backed by a dalil (proof) and resort to another ruling that is sounder
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 Ma'din Mine Literally: originally, a place where people reside; also the place of origin or beginning of something.
2 Ma'dum Nonexistent Literally: to be missing.
3 Ma'juz al-taslim Undeliverable Literally: ‘ajaza: to be weak or incapable.
4 Ma'lum Known Literally: known.
5 Mabi' The Subject Matter n/a
6 madin mumatil A debtor who procrastinates the settlement of his debt.
7 Madmun bi ghayrihi Guaranteed with something else n/a
8 Madmun bi nafsihi Guaranteed by Itself n/a
9 mahal al-khilaf Point of disagreement
10 Mahall al-'aqd The Subject matter of the Contract Literally: mahall indicates the location or time of an act.
11 Mahdar Record of Proceeding Literally: attendance; also, a certificate.
12 Majhul Unknown Literally: jahl is the opposite of knowledge; and majhul is the opposite of known.
13 Mal Wealth Literally: anything a person possesses.
14 Mal istihlaki & Mal al-isti'mali Consumable & utilitarian wealth n/a
15 Mal, Mutamawwal & Mutaqawwim Money, Financed item & Quatified value n/a
16 Mala'ah Solvency Literally: mala’ah: wealth; mali’: wealthy.
17 Mamluk Owned n/a
18 Manfa'ah Usufruct Literally: benefit.
19 Manqul Moveable Literally: from naql: to move something from one place to another.
20 maqasid syar'iyyah Objectives of Shariah of a legal rule which is meant to enjoin benefits for the mankind
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010