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Meticulous and comprehensive reading and understanding of an issue in order to derive Shariah rulings
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 Ka'l Debt Swap n/a
2 Kadik Tenant’s Improvements to Rental Property n/a
3 Kafaf Contentment Literally: from kaff to refrain; so named because one refrains from asking people.
4 kafalah Refer dhaman
5 kafalah bi al-ayn A guarantee to provide or deliver a tangible property which is the subject matter of a contract. Synonim; kafalah bi al-taslim
6 kafalah bi al-darak A guarantee for an object to be free from any claim. It is meant to ensure that the ownership of the object is free from any encumbrances in order to allow a transfer of the object. Should there is a claim, the guarantor will compensate for any loss incurred.
7 kafalah bi al-dayn A guarantee to settle a debt owed by a person.
8 kafalah bi al-mal Commercial or financial guarantee
9 kafalah bi al-nafs Guarantee for the presence of a person
10 kafalah bi al-taslim Refer kafalah bi al-'ayn
11 Kafalat al-'ayn al-madmunah Warrant of Guaranteed Material Property n/a
12 Kafalat al-dayn Debt Guaranty Literally: kafalah means to stand surety.
13 Kambiyalah Bill Literally: derived from the Italian word meaning ‘substitute’.
14 Kasad Depressed Market Literally: decay; lack of a market.
15 Kasb Earning Literally: to gather and acquire.
16 Kasb khabith Illicit Earning Literally: khabith is the opposite of wholesome.
17 Khalit Partner Literally: a mixture of two or more things; a drink made by soaking dates and raisinsin water; a neighbor; a partner. A partner is called khalit because he mixes his wealthwith that of another.
18 Khasarah Loss Literally: diminishment or loss, as in loss of a business or a decline in capital or in an account balance.
19 Khilabah Dupery Literally: cheating. The Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed a man who was always being duped to say, “There should not be any attempt to deceive”.
20 Khiyanah Breach of Trust Literally: to not fulfill one’s word or covenant, in part or in whole.
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010