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Meticulous and comprehensive reading and understanding of an issue in order to derive Shariah rulings
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 I'dam Impoverishment Literally: derived from ‘adam: lack of something; it is commonly used for a lack of wealth; a’dama: to lose wealth; become poor.
2 I'dam, I'sar & Iflas Poverty, Insolvency & Bankruptcy n/a
3 I'sar Financial Difficulty Literally: from ‘usr: hardship and discomfort. A mu’sir is a person in financial hardship.
4 I'ta' Granting Literally: i’ta’ refers to giving and taking. Something given is called ‘ata’ or ‘atiyyah. The common use of i’ta’ is to give a gift.
5 I'timan Trust Literally: trust; confidence in someone.
6 Ibahah Permission Literally: the opposite of prohibition; unqualified permission to do or not to do. Inusul al-fiqh, it is a statement from the Lawgiver concerning the acts of those morally responsible, giving them a choice.
7 Ibahah & Hill Neutral Permissibility & Lawfulness n/a
8 Ibahah & Takhyir Permissibility & Free Will n/a
9 Ibahah & Tamlik Permissibility & Alienation of Property n/a
10 Ibda' Merchandise, offering for sale Literally: from bad': part of something; a trader's merchandise (bida'ah) is part of his property; tabdi': to divide something into parts; badi': an importer of goods.
11 Ibda' & Qirad Merchandise & Profit-Sharing n/a
12 Ibra' Discharge Literally: from bara'ah: to be free, exonerated, dissociated from.
13 Ibra' 'amm General Discharge n/a
14 Ibra' khass Special Discharge n/a
15 Ibtal Voiding Literally: to remove something; to rule that something is void.
16 Ibtida' al-dayn bi al-dayn Simultaneous Debt-for-Debt Sale n/a
17 Iddikhar Savings Literally: to preserve, protect and prepare something for the time of need.
18 Iddikhar & Ihtikar Saving & Hoarding n/a
19 Idhn Permission Literally: originally: to know; to inform. Allah, the Exalted, says: “Be informed (fa’dhan) of a war from Allah and His Messenger.” It is more widely used to mean: to grant permission Ibn al-Kamal said, “Permission means to release someone from legal interdiction and give them free disposal.
20 Idhn & Ijazah Permission & Ratification n/a
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010