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Word of the Day
Juristic preferences, disregarding a ruling backed by a dalil (proof) and resort to another ruling that is sounder
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 Ghala' Price Escalation Literally: rising and exceeding the limits in anything.
2 Ghaliq al-rahn or ghalaq al-rahn Mortgage Closure Literally: ghalaq is to lock, its root meaning is blockage and shutting; rahn is permanence and continuity.
3 Ghallah Yield Literally: the return from land and the like.
4 Gharamah Fine Literally: what must be paid.
5 Gharar Deception Literally: risk; its original meaning is reduction; it is what is pleasant on the surface but unpleasant underneath.
6 Gharar & Jahalah Uncertainty & Ignorance n/a
7 Gharim Creditor/Debtor Literally: the term is used for both the one who owes a debt and the one to whom it is owed.
8 ghasb Forfeiture
9 ghayah Aim or goal
10 Ghina Affluence Literally: wealth sufficient for needs and comfort.
11 Ghish Deception Literally: deceit; when one does not give sincere advice and makes fair-seeming to someone what is not to their benefit, or to show other than what was really intended.
12 Ghulul Misappropriation Literally: breach of trust, and taking something secretly.
13 Ghurm Loss Literally: debt; loss, to pay what is required.