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Word of the Day
Meticulous and comprehensive reading and understanding of an issue in order to derive Shariah rulings
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 Fa'idah Interest Literally: benefit taken, whether of knowledge or wealth.
2 Fahish Exorbitant Literally: very ugly deeds or statements, and whatever exceeds the limits.
3 Faqir Destitute Literally: poverty (faqr) is a cleft in something; and a faqir is a person with a broken vertebra.
4 Fard Obligation Literally: obligation, imposition, estimation and decisiveness.
5 Fasad Invalidity Literally: corruption.
6 Faskh Revocation Literally: removal, elimination, invalidation, and separation.
7 Faskh al-dayn fi al-dayn Debt revocation n/a
8 fiqh muamalat Islamic law of contract
9 Fuduli Interloper Literally: one who busies himself with things that are none of his business.
10 Fulus Pennies Literally: pl. of fils, the lowest value of coin.