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Meticulous and comprehensive reading and understanding of an issue in order to derive Shariah rulings
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 Da' wa ta'ajjal Taking Less for Hastening n/a
2 Dakhl Income Literally: revenue that a person gains from his wealth; for example, what he gains from his real estate or business. The opposite of dakhl is kharj: outflow of funds, expenditure. The plural of dakhl is dukhul or madakhil.
3 Daman Guarantee Literally: daman: to put something into something that contains it. Standing surety is derived from this meaning because the guarantor encompasses the obligor’s liability and adds it to his own.
4 Daman al-'aqd Guarantee of Contract n/a
5 Daman al-'Aqd & daman al-Itilaf Guarantee of contract & guarantee of destruction n/a
6 Daman al-'uhdah Guarantee of Contractual Obligation Linguistically: ‘uhdah is the document used to record transactions for referral in case of confusion.
7 Daman al-a'yan Asset Insurance n/a
8 Daman al-darak Money-Back Guarantee Literally: dark or darak: responsibility or liability after the fact.
9 Daman al-istihqaq Guarantee of Entitlement n/a
10 Daman al-itlaf Liability for Damage n/a
11 Daman al-suq Market Assurance n/a
12 Daman al-talab Location Guarantee n/a
13 Daman al-wajh Guarantee of Appearance n/a
14 Daman al-yad Liability for Damage to Property in One’s Possession Literally: liability of the hand.
15 Darar Damage, harm The Arabic word means harm as opposed to what is beneficial and it means to harm someone.
16 Daribah Tax n/a
17 Darurah Necessity n/a
18 Dayn Debt Literally: dayn is any future liability on a person, without it being in any particularform, money or something else.
19 Dayn & Qard Debt & Loan n/a
20 Dayn al-'abd Human Debt n/a
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010