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Juristic preferences, disregarding a ruling backed by a dalil (proof) and resort to another ruling that is sounder
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 al-Aqd al-mu'allaq Conditional Contract Literally: mu’allaq means attached to something.
2 al-Aqd al-mubham Ambiguous Contract Literally: ibham is what is difficult to perceive with the senses if it is physical and difficult to comprehend if it is a mental construct.
3 al-Aqd al-mudaf Contract Appended [to the Future] Literally: idafah is adding or relating one thing to another.
4 al-Aqd al-munjaz Accomplished Contract n/a
5 al-Aqid Contractor Literally: the active participle of ‘aqada, which was previously defined.
6 al-Bay' al-Munajjaz Unconditional Sale Literally: najiza means done and completed.
7 Al-Darurat Ad-Diniyyah Religious Obligations -Religious Obligations
8 al-Dayn al-hal Current Debt Literally: a debt, payment of which is due.
9 al-Dayn al-marju Collectable Debt Literally: raja' means hope, the opposite of despair.
10 Al-Dayn al-mu'ajjal Deferred Debt Literally: ajjala means to postpone, to put something off until a later time.
11 Al-Dayn al-mushtarak Joint Debt Literally: ishtirak means mixing two ownerships.
12 Al-Dayn al-mustaqirr Confirmed Debt Literally: istiqrar means stability.
13 Al-Dayn al-muwathaq Secured Debt Literally: muwathaq means confirmed, consolidated and stable.
14 Al-Dayn al-Sahih Valid Debt Literally: sahih means free from defects and diseases.
15 Al-Dayn ghayr al-marju Doubtful Debt n/a
16 Al-Dayn ghayr al-mushtarak or al-Dayn al-mustaqill Independent Debt n/a
17 Al-Dayn ghayr al-mustaqirr Unconfirmed Debt n/a
18 al-dayn ghayr al-sahih Invalid Debt n/a
19 al-ithra' bi la sabab Effortless Enrichment Literally: ithra’: to be in no need; derived from tharwah, an abundance of wealth.
20 al-kafalah al-mu'allaqah Conditional Guarantee n/a
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010