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bai' wafa'
A conditional contract of sale and purchase on an asset in which the buyer would return the asset to the seller if the seller refund the price to the buyer.
No. Arabic Term English Term Literally English
1 'Aks al-'Inah Reverse ‘Inah Literally: ‘inah is a loan.
2 'aqd tauthiqiy A guarantee contract
3 'ariyah A beneficial contract in which the borrower enjoys the usufruct of an asset without fee
4 'umum al-nahyi General prohibitions
5 'uqubah maliyyah Financial penalty
6 'uqud tauthiqat Plural of `aqd tauthiqiy
7 'urf al-iqtisadiyyah Common practice in economic activities
8 Ada' Pay or Perform Literally: to deliver or connect. Ada’ of a trust means to give it back to its owner.
9 Adl Temperate Literally: moderation in matters.
10 Afwu Pardon Literally: to leave alone; to erase.
11 Ahd Covenant Literally: directive, safeguard, and confirmed.
12 Ahliyah & Dhimmah Legal Capacity & Liability Legal Capacity & Liability
13 Ahliyyah Legal Capacity Literally: fitness to undertake something.
14 Ajal Term Literally: time limit; also, the time in which something occurs.
15 Ajir Worker -Worker
16 Ajr Wage Literally: reward given for a work or service. Allah says: “We would then have given them from Our presence a great reward.” Surah al-Nisa' (4):67.
17 Ajr al-Mithl Reasonable Wage/Rent -Reasonable Wage/Rent
18 Ajr Musamma Stipulated Wage Stipulated Wage
19 akhz al-ajr 'ala al-jah Remuneration that is based on good name or good reputation
20 al-'Adalah Moderation Literally: moderation, integrity, and balance.
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Source: ISRA Compendium 2010