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AbleAce Raakin Sdn Bhd
Ableace Raakin Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 28th September 2006. The promoters of the business have been involved in the treasury and the palm oil industry. Its principal activity is providing commodities mainly palm oil and its downstream products to the Islamic financial institutions for its commodity Murabahah program locally and abroad.

Ableace Raakin Sdn Bhd is the first local company in Malaysia providing such services using palm oil & its related products as the asset base for the commodity Murabahah program. Since inception our range of commodities offered has expanded to other agro based commodities. We have more than 60 products to offer to our clients.

Our procedures, products, documents and multi-currency e-trading system are endorsed and governed by our Shariah Board members namely:

• Dr Mohammed Ali Elgari
• Dr Muhammad Amin Al Qattan
• Dr Mohd Daud Bakar
• Dr Osama Al Derei
key specialisations
• We provide the underlying assets for the commodity Murabahah industry via a proven Shariah endorsed e-trading system.

• We provide tailor made solutions for our clients’ unique requirements.

• We provide advice with respect to the commodity for our clients in structuring their products.
  • MYR 2 Billion Sukuk Murabahah issued by Cagamas in 2008.
  • MYR 2 Billion Merdeka Savings Bond issued by BNM in 2008 & 2009
  • MYR 5Billion Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat issued by MOF in 2009
  • USD 500 Million 1MDB & Petro Saudi Murabahah Financing in 2010
  • MYR 600 Million Sukuk Murabahah issued by TTM Sukuk Berhad in 2010
  • MYR 343 Million Sukuk Murabahah issued by KMCOB Capital Bhd in 2011
  • USD 144 Million UMW intercompany financing in 2013
  • MYR 718 Million CM Financing Between LTH and TH Marine in 2013
  • MYR 3.8 Billion Sukuk Murabahah issued by Cagamas Oct 2013
contact details
A-5-5 Megan Avenue 1,
189 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Azzizi Bin Mohamad Ghazi
Managing Director
T +603 2161 9166

Syed Nizam Bin Syed Jalaludin
Director - Marketing
T +603 2161 9166

Nor Azman Bin Mohd Yussof
Head of Operations
T +603 2161 9166