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RUSD Investment Bank

RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is an Islamic investment bank incorporated in Labuan, Malaysia and registered with the Labuan Financial Services Authority. RUSD Investment Bank Inc. is geared, committed and dedicated to becoming a leader in modern Islamic finance by developing competitive Shariah-compliant solutions.. Serving the burgeoning Islamic financial services industry, RUSD Bank envisions itself acting as an important bridge between financial markets in South East Asia and the Middle East. RUSD Investment Bank offers a new facet of Islamic investment and financial services, in not only traditional asset management products, private placements, financial advisory services but also Islamic trusts with features similar to waqf (charitable trust), allowing settlor greater control in managing, investing and allocating their assets.

Area of Services
Corporate Advisory
- Includes capital raising, venture capital, securitisation, syndications, valuation, financial restructuring, etc.
Investment Management
- Offering a comprehensive range of first-class global investments, financial planning, asset management services and other tools that help investors achieve their financial objectives.
Trust Services
- Provides innovative wealth management and estate planning under the ambit of Shariah law through Islamic Trusts & Foundations.
  • Outclassed return on RUSD Money Market Portfolio, a Shariah-compliant, low risk portfolio, investing in a mix of short to medium- term murabahah (cost plus) deals, sukuk (Islamic bond), leasing certificates and other commercial papers, short to medium-term direct financing, and trade/commodity finance.
  • RUSD Leasing Portfolio provides investors with attractive annual returns at low risk by investing with leading Islamic leasing companies in the GCC countries.
  • RUSD Al Tayseer Portfolio, a Shariah-compliant portfolio for financing the development of a real estate project in Al Tayseer  area neighbouring the central area of Makkah to provide four- star accommodation for pilgrims.
  • RUSD Al Masaa 2 Portfolio, a replica of its predecessor, the portfolio finance purchase of land and development of properties in Central Makkah Area.
Contact Details
RUSD Investment Bank
Inc. Lot 17, (U0204E) Jalan Kemajuan,
P.O Box 80865 87018 Labuan F.T., Malaysia

Mohamad Rozy
Business Development Representative
T +6087 452 100