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24 Mar | Monday
INCEIF Presents: Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson, Business School University Of Greenwich

Apr 8, 2014
2.00pm - 4.30pm
Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

Public Lecture: Brand Islam is the New Black in Marketing

The ancient Muslim tradition of commerce along the silk roads and spice trade routes has been rebranded into a phenomenon Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson has termed “Brand Islam”.

Notwithstanding such growth and influence, many academics and industry practitioners still struggle when attempting to reflect enough of the nuances associated with Muslim consumption patterns, doing business in Muslim markets, and targeting Muslim consumers. In his talk, Dr Wilson will share some of his tales and offers new perspectives.

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Apr 9, 2014
12.00pm – 2.00pm
INCEIF Campus, Lorong Universiti A, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

Knowledge Sharing: The Quest for Transformational Leadership & Brand Singularity

In everyday conversations, the terms Manager and Leader seem to be used interchangeably.

Also, over the past thirty years or so the term Transformational has crept into our vocabulary as a concept, which is moving thinking away from economic transactions – towards collaborative and emotional transactions that bring change.

A challenge occurs when attempting to galvanize several streams of leadership and innovation, whilst looking to achieve compelling brand singularity across all functions. Dr Wilson’s talk shares key findings from his research on the field, with a consideration given to the Muslim context.

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