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Leadership of the Prophet
08 Sep 2020 - 08 Sep 2020
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was an exemplary leader. His leadership expertise is portrayed in his religious mission as well as his governmental life. He was courageous, compassionate, placid, and did not entertain any corruption.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a disciplined leader, who was committed to his mission. He unified the populaces of Madinah and positioned the future Islamic state. The foundation for the expansion of the Islamic region can be attributed to public administration. He appreciated all the parties that had been involved in conflicts. This led to rulings that were founded on reasonableness, empathy, and stringent adherence to the divine laws.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) executed the affairs of the nation with high diplomacy. All the nationals in Madinah were equivalent. This is demonstrated in the fact that the Muslims and the non-Muslims were identically handled. He catered for the needs of his people, both spiritually and parsimoniously, because he prioritized morality and honesty.
This talk will discuss the aspects of the Prophet’s leadership that are critical and applicable in modern-day, this is to develop an understanding of the nature of the Prophet's mission and give insights into the contemporary situation.

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