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14 May | Thursday
Insurance and Takaful industry’s RM8 Million COVID-19 Test Fund broadens eligibility criteria

In addressing the needs of the policyholders/certificate holders and to protect the healthcare front liners from the risk of COVID-19 infection, the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) have broadened the eligibility criteria of the RM8 Million COVID-19 Test Fund (CTF) to include COVID-19 tests required for hospital admission for emergency and semi emergency surgeries.
Policyholders/certificate holders with medical and health insurance are now entitled for reimbursement of up to RM300 from the CTF if they are required to undergo the COVID-19 screening before their emergency or semi-emergency surgeries.

source: Malaysian Takaful Association
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